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We talk. Step 2: I do.


You help. Step 3: You do. I help. Step 4: You do. I watch. Step 5: You do. Someone else watches. Rob Tims to talk about how to craft a well-written sermon-based Bible study. Rob is a Christ-follower, husband, and father of four living in Nashville, TN. He also is an Associate Professor for Liberty University Online, a researcher, and enjoys preaching and teaching in various venues throughout the year. Group Answers Episode Tony Merida. Tony Merida as their guest. He is happily married to Kimberly; and they have five adopted children.

What counsel would you have for group leaders also trying to balance full time jobs with family and significant ministry commitments? You wrote Ordinary that is for the most part about hospitality — one of your passion points. As you and Kim have practiced hospitality as an important aspect of your ministry what have you learned about hosting as a part of disciple-making? Research shows that Bible engagement is THE indicator for a growing disciple that make disciples.

What have you found to be the most effective way to teach the Bible to new believers? Describe your relationship with the groups ministry at Imago Dei.

To what extent are you involved with this part of ongoing ministry at the church? Quotes: I would encourage people to work early. I get a lot of writing done before am.

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Build in times and seasons of rest. I can work with a sense of joy because Christ has accomplished what matters most and is coming to renew all things. The secret to good sermon prep, and the secret to good writing, is great editing. Hospitality allows people to do something very significant in the ordinary rhythm of their lives.

Some people need to see how the Gospel works before they actually understand the Gospel. I have found that a lot of unbelievers are more attracted to the Christian community than the Christian message. Group Answers Episode Scarlet Hiltibidal. Our guest today is Scarlet Hiltibidal. She loves sign language with her daughters, nachos by herself, writing for her friends, and dreaming of being a famous chef while spilling the cheese dust from the macaroni box on the kitchen counter and using it anyway.

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She treasures the freedom of resting in the work of Jesus and hopes to help others rest as well. How has it shaped your adult life?

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Who did you write it for? What was it like and how did it shape your childhood? What advice would you give small group leaders on overcoming their fears, and at the same time, helping their small group members work through their own? Quotes: You have to force yourself to live in the light. I was afraid that people would not accept me if they knew about all of my flaws.

opened, and they knew that they were

The gospel is for every moment. Resources mentioned: www. On this episode of Group Answers, Chris, Brian, and Brandon discuss how to launch your small group well in the new year. Group Answers Episode Jeremiah Johnston. In this episode, Brian and Chris speak to Jeremiah Johnston. Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.

I heard it said one time, We cannot abandon the intellectual struggle. How would you define intellectual struggle? How do you think the difficult questions contribute to discipleship? How would counsel a group leader about how to navigate a group members unanswered questions? How would you advise a group leader to lead a discussion that includes spiritual warfare references? Quotes: The greatest thing about our faith is that it is holistic, we are always growing. There is always a Pharisee in the crowd.

We no longer, as a society, think in Biblical terms. Jesus was all about addressing the difficult questions in his discipleship. We have to give permission for our group to question our faith. Questioning your faith is not a sin. Everybody has unanswered questions. Group Answers Episode Group Trends in On this final Group Answers episode of the year, Chris, Brian, and Brandon talk about group and discipleship trends from They also take a look at what might be coming for Group Answers Episode Dean Inserra.

Our guest today is Pastor Dean Inserra. Dean has a passion to reach his hometown for Christ through the local church and to see healthy churches planted across the South and the nation. He loves baseball, Starbucks, the New England Patriots, and the indoors. What do you think it is about the Bible belt that is different when it comes to group life? What have you learned about cracking cultural Christianity that might help a group leader? What approaches have you found to be successful in making groups more missional and engaged in their cities and towns?

Quotes: Church is not something that is treated with hostility in the south. A group is another thing that would inconvenience people. There are no next steps taken to live out the Christian life. Group Answers Episode Family Discipleship. It has to include our families. What can they do right now?

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Faith is being confident that the Lord is going to make up for what we lack in all circumstances. It frees you to actually engage and do some things, rather than always wishing that your family had more spiritual conversations. The most obvious and easiest place to start is to commit to having a single conversation after church once a week. When you make this choice, you start normalize spiritual conversations.

Quantity time paves the way for quality time with your family. It is important as a parent that you make your kids go to church. Group Answers Episode Robby Gallaty.