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The Scarecrow Avantasia. Do I really have a choice? No, no, no! Oh, you burn your feet on unholy ground You roam the barren wicked plains abound In evil eyes and evil speak About it all your evil freaks When you say it's all divine and meant to be What about your flesh and blood and defiers like me?

Valley of the dolls: Inside Japan's 'Scarecrow Village'

Their evil eyes are looking down on you And those who don't are losing sight of you Face the rage to chase away The specter of disgrace and shame Withered roses dying on the ledge A withered dreamer standing on the edge You dream of love but you wake up to pain You're better off to join in my game Then she'll better off to cry contrite tears One day she'll wonder why she had to let you disappear Rise to fame, your time has come Time will come to take the sun Make your claim, you're drawn to the sound Time has come, you're leaving ground Rise to fame, the flight of the crow Time will come, cross the line Your time has come for the crow to fly away It's a flight to hell Can you hear the bell The devil has come To take your soul away A flight to hell, alright I'm a stranger I'm a changer And I'm danger Fallen angel Waiting for the prey.

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Purchase at the Stardew Valley Fair for Purchase at the Spirit's Eve festival for 5,g. Purchase at the Casino for 10, Purchase at the Traveling Cart randomly during fall or winter for 4,g. Purchase at the Flower Dance for 2,g. All studios have been acoustically measured and tailored with high efficiency resonators, diffusors and baffles which offer a critical environment for recording, mixing and mastering. All studios are long-term rentals and are hired out unfurnished.

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Scarecrow Studios consists of seven different studios ranging from 10 to 40 square meters. All rooms have a fully floating construction and are acoustically treated and sound proofed. All studios except for one, have a separate recording room i. Iso booth.

Production House 5 offers eight rooms ranging from 16 to 20 square meters and are equipped with QRD diffusors and high efficiency baffels. This ensures a comfortable creative environment.