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Same guy who called for his congregation to pray for the death of Obama. According to a recent article, he often preaches about the evil of the Jews. Calls them children of the Devil, antichrists, bigots, completely anti-semitic. He will also include Texe Marrs Texas pastor , also an anti-semite and conspiracy theorist. I am going to do a stand alone post.

This makes salvation seem like a process, rather than an instant and immediate possession of a believer in Christ as Savior. We need to believe on Him to save us, realizing He is the only way to the Father, the only way to be forgiven of all our sins, the only way to heaven. Jesus died on the cross for our sins He did it, He laid His life down willingly , He was buried and rose again in three days He took His life back up as He said He would in John 10, and as the Scriptures foretold, proving He is God.

And it was witnessed by many. In Him, Holly.

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Not only did Jaeson turn himself in that day, he also came clean of all his wrongdoing. He loaded up trash bags with all the suits he had left and took them to the police. Over the next six months, after several court appearances, the judge was amazed at his honesty and evident change of heart.

Jaeson was set free. I was 19 years old.

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Jaeson pursued his mission with genuine fervor, starting by building churches on University campuses. Presently he has planted over churches worldwide. Jaeson ventured passed the comforts of the U. After building a strong foundation for his ministry, Jaeson again received a calling from God in his dreams. This time he was summoned to reach out to the entertainment industry as a messenger of the gospel.

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With his great oratory skills and keen sense of connection to people, the recording booth would become his new pulpit and his music would serve as a new vehicle for preaching the truth. His music is a mixture of spoken word, preaching on beats, and prophetic utterances of a melodic tune. He grew up in the Bay Area, CA listening to all genres of music, specifically hip hop, rock and gospel.

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Jaeson currently resides in Hollywood, CA where he pursues his passions of knowing God and living life everyday with divine joy. I guy at our church got into reformed theology and he nearly destroyed the church. Thankfully the pastor saw the light and the danger and now the guy is gone. Sometimes if you have changed from your original template, and the other page was made on that, I have the same issue. You can also make a duplicate page somewhere, and maybe delete the old one once you got it fixed?

At least he admits the god he preaches ordains rape of infants and some of his followers go further with that insanity. John, there are pages and posts. Likely wiki index is a page.

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    Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out how to update the Wiki index. The other is linked below. Is there any specific issues concerning him that should cause me to stay away from his teaching? I did see that he passed away in He appeals to those who desire to grow in their walk, but like all the back door and top loading load-shippers, he chokes people with the bondage he has placed them back under.

    2005 Paradian

    They never seem to point them to the Lord or His Word. Again, submitting our lives to Jesus is not how we become saved nor stay saved. If so, why would he say that you have already done that? Again,Ludy is challenging the reader to do something that he says the reader has already done. Who came up with that? Your thoughts?

    Path Of Intent: A Selection of Writings By Kyle Cucuzza

    Dealing with errant doctrine is something we are told to do. The whole church is beseeched regarding marking and avoiding it Rom Franklin and Billy both seem to have no problem with Catholics and even priests opening up in prayer. As we know, Billy made agreements with false and apostate churches, including even sending Jews back to their temples… for what?

    Instruction in how Jesus is a false God? Or to Roman Catholics so they can learn what they must do all their lives in order to spend less time in purgatory? But, he sells books and lots of his people idolize John too. Holly, I am sure you did the right thing. In other words, people associate Billy Graham with the gospel, so they cannot clearly process information to the contrary. Most people make excuses for what he must really mean.

    source That is scary position to take. My comments regarding each of the above:. First, Billy Graham has been anything but persecuted. This is nothing other than trying to cow us from taking a stand for the gospel out of fear that we might inadvertently commit the unforgivable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

    Changing The World Pt. 2

    I believe, likely I was the youngest in the group. But, what do you do? Phil R. But it is what people think and they forget if they were saved there, it was because they heard certain things and believed those. I am just thankful, so thankful to God, to His Word, to faith teachers and defenders of His gospel, and other brethren to fellowship with. Phil, we are very focused on keeping the gospel clear at ExPreacherMan. While we welcome honest questions, and even dissent, we will always provide proper, Biblical truth in response. We will never give false doctrine the last word.

    See excerpts below:. We must protect the gospel. Now, what is the gospel? Minutes Now, if there is only one plan of salvation, which the Bible says that is true, if there is only one gospel, which the Bible says that is true, then the truth needs to be protected.

    That message is not welcome here. What do we do with them? We teach them. We kindly teach them.