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Collecting speech samples at home With LENA technology, children can wear a small, portable recording device in specially-designed vests during their daily activities at home. Studying children's speech processing Building our vocabulary is a process that begins in infancy and continues throughout our lives. We are an interdisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds in cognitive and developmental psychology, linguistics and speech and language pathology.

We share a common goal of understanding the process by which children learn new words. In particular, we are interested in the ways infant-directed speech can help children connect the words they hear to the world around them.

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Listed below are several publications that highlight the different research studies in our lab. Houston, D. Test-retest reliability in infant speech perception tasks. Phan, J.

What is Baby Talk?

Factors affecting speech discrimination in children with cochlear implants: Evidence from early-implanted infants. Word learning in Infant- and adult-directed speech. Language, Learning and Development, 7, Sign up.

Baby Talk (FaceTime Style)

Live healthier and stay inspired. This sort of information is important because it helps parents to take on their parental role, as well as get involved with the care of their child. To help supply parents with this sort of information, we are developing a computer system — known as BabyTalk-Family — that can automatically generate easy to understand reports on the medical condition of babies in neonatal care.

We are currently working with parents and clinical staff to help improve this system. The system will be trialled in a neonatal unit, in collaboration with the Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health neonatal unit at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary hospital.

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The Origins of BabyTalk

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My name is Dr. I am a researcher and I study how babies learn language. What is baby talk? So, a baby can not only just hear baby talk but they can also see it. Why is baby talk important?

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This happens for two reasons: First, baby talk is easier to listen to. When should I use baby talk?

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