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In fact, you may want to read it before you choose an application, as you'll get a good idea of how YOU like to work. Learn the ins and outs of modeling, how to add texture and color to your models, and the basics of 3D animation. You'll also get a primer on how to get started in 3D computer graphics or special effects as a career. Ami Chopine is the co-founder of Geekatplay Studio, which has released several award-winning images and animations, and is well known for its informative and easy-to-follow tutorials.

Ami is also the author of several tutorials for magazines, as well as the book Vue 7: From the Ground Up. She is a graduate of Orson Scott Card's Literary Bootcamp and has a passion for teaching and helping other artists develop their creativity. You can use it by reading all the way through it cover to cover with or without doing the tutorials, by picking and choosing chapters based on gaps you want to fill, or as a quick reference to a concept you remembered last week but not this minute.

If you are at all familiar with tutorials for 3D or other types of art or activies, you'll know that they often give very detailed, step by step instructions on which exact thing to click or select. This is not possible with 3D Art Essentials because it is software agnostic. The best way to go through these tutorials is to have the application's documentation next to you to help you complete each step.

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The tutorials are designed to give you some practice with important concepts. If you can finish every tutorial in this book, you're well on your way to enjoying the art and creating whatever is in your imagination. As well as learning from 3D Art Essentials itself, use it as a guide for studying each topic more in depth. Go through each chapter and then spend a couple of weeks on the topic which that chapter covers, to learn and practice the concepts more in depth. You will probably find some topics more interesting than others.

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That's okay. The field is too wide for there not to be specialists. With just a few weeks of study, you can already be creating interesting models. With a few years of experience, you can animate characters or creatures that are nearly indistinguishable from life. The files you'll need to start the tutorials. If you've read 3D Art Essentials , here are a few links to things of interest. You'll find our list of essential graphic design books elsewhere on the site. Apple's latest MacBook Pro refresh might be pricey, but there's no denying this is the closest that creative professionals can currently get to laptop heaven.

And if money is no object, the new availability of optional Radeon Pro Vega 16 and 20 graphics cards on the high-end inch models ensures that designers with souped-up performance needs are also catered for, handling demanding tasks, such as video editing and 3D, with ease. Other than that, Apple has packed in super-fast SSDs and a more robust keyboard, and yet the laptop manages to remain thinner and lighter than Microsoft's Surface Book 2. Just remember that you've only got four USB-C ports to play with, so you'll need a decent dock or adapter if you want to plug in an Ethernet cable or legacy hardware.

Also read: The best laptops for graphic design. When the Surface Studio came out two years ago, its huge inch touchscreen pivoting display took all the plaudits, and rightfully so. Its inspired design allowed creatives to lay it almost flat like an easel and draw on it with the Surface Pen.

The only problem was that Microsoft was offering a desktop-class workstation powered by underwhelming laptop-class internals. That's no longer the case, thanks to the arrival of the Surface Studio 2, which keeps the best bits of the original model and improves upon it by significantly upgrading the internal specifications.

The Studio 2 features a more powerful processor and faster graphics, while the hybrid hard drive has been replaced with proper solid-state storage. Unfortunately that makes it pricier than ever, but digital artists are still unlikely to find a better suited creative workspace.

Also read: The best desktops for graphic design. It enables you to use your custom profiles on several displays, either on the same computer or the same network. It will even analyse the ambient light in your work environment so you can set up your monitor for optimal results. Elsewhere, X-Rite's Flare Correct technology is able to measure and adjust display profiles for reduct contrast ratios caused by screen glare, while video editors can benefit from the included video colour standards.

It's an expensive bit of kit, but the extra pounds go far. Also read: The best monitor calibrators for creatives.

If you've ever suffered the torment of losing work because your computer died or your hard drive went kaput, then you'll know the importance of backing up, either manually or using automated solutions like Time Machine in macOS. There are plenty of great external hard drives and solid-state drives that will do the job for you, but not all of them have the sort of future-proof connectivity as LaCie's Porsche Design Mobile drive.

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Wacom once held the monopoly on industry-standard graphics tablets, but the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have quickly become the go-to tools for designers who can't justify splashing out on a dedicated drawing hardware. Not only is the sketching experience first-class, the iPad Pro handles plenty of other tasks too. Apple's latest inch and Both tablets feature crisp edge-to-edge displays twinned with an integrated TrueDepth camera, enabling Face ID authentication in lieu of a home button plus there's no notch.

But that's not all.

3D Art Essentials: The Fundamentals of 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Animation - PDF Free Download

Thanks to Apple's A12X Bionic processor, these models are also blazingly fast, able to reach speeds that would leave many PCs behind. Pair it with the new Apple Pencil , which is smaller and lighter than the original, and you have a perfect marriage. Apple has dropped the Lightning connector in favour a magnetic function, so the Pencil now snaps smartly onto the top of a new iPad Pro for pairing, charging, and storage. What's more, gesture support has also been added, allowing you to switch between app tools with a quick double tap, for example.

The tools you need does, of course, depend on your practice, however. So if a dedicated, high-end graphics tablet features on your personal list of essentials, then a Wacom Intuos , or higher-specced Wacom Mobile Studio Pro and Pro Pen 2 are an incredibly powerful duo, albeit incredibly expensive to match. Also read: The best drawing and graphics tablets. Screen: 5. A decent smartphone is essential for any professional creative, whether it's to use the latest creative or productivity tools, take photos, or test app or website designs. It might not be the sexiest smartphone on the market that plaudit goes to Apple's iPhone XS , but the third iteration of Google's Pixel is its finest yet, due in no small part to that magnificent For this reason alone, if you tend to take a lot of photos on your mobile device, the Pixel 3 should be your next upgrade.

Surprisingly, there's no secondary lens on the phone, but it doesn't really need one because most of the magic is software-based, and the results are formidable. Portrait mode shots are unnervingly accurate, while regular photos are similarly loaded with detail. And then there's the new Night Sight — a dedicated low-light mode that boosts brightness in scenes that have almost no light at all.

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But enough about the camera. The Pixel 3's OLED screen renders your pictures naturally and beautifully, while the optimised hardware under the hood makes navigating through the Android-based interface a smooth, lag-free experience. Suffice to say, this is our go-to Android phone for capturing creative inspiration.

https://menvacebe.cf Also read: The best smartphones for designers. Like the D before it, the Nikon D has a straightforward control layout and puts a tremendous amount of power and flexibility at the fingertips of the novice photographer. The sensor is a great foundation for taking quality pictures, and combined with a decent lens kit, has the capability to make your photos soar.

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Plus the 1,shot battery life means you can keep shooting without worrying. It might lack 4K video capture and touchscreen functionality, but the D does so many things so well that we can overlook those shortcomings. Anyone looking for their first DSLR need look no further. While most modern smartphones can capture some pretty decent shots for reference materials and moodboards, if you're shooting images for clients, or documenting physical work for your folio, it's worth investing in a quality camera. Also read: The best cameras for creatives.

This Thunderbolt 3 display may not be a true 5K display it only has 5K resolution on the horizontal x-axis , but coming from a 4K or lesser resolution display, it's still a fantastic upgrade and one we can highly recommend.